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A bit about me:

Simply put, I'm a digital media creative and strategist based in Birmingham, Alabama. My passion for storytelling through writing has evolved into content creation and digital marketing. Thank you for visiting!

Working with J. E. Hill Digital Marketing, LLC

Working with a digital marketing professional gives you direct access to expert advice, service tailored to your specific needs and an invaluable relationship that will in turn nurture your business. The need for marketing isn't going away anytime soon -- in fact there's a demand for great marketing in this competitive climate. Social media, apps, and the ever-changing internet have changed the way you can connect with an audience. 

Do you know the value of a piece of content? Many people aren't aware of what a single, well-written or well search engine optimized piece of content can do for a brand. My specialty is content creation and storytelling. Helping you realize or develop your story helps your target audience discover your business and connect with you on a "human interest" or personal level. This helps you stand out and sets you apart from others.


Allow J. E. Hill Digital Marketing to help you develop your story. Let's start with an original piece of optimized, informative, relevant and high-quality content.

Content marketing

Writing is a valuable skill developed through training, experience and sometimes raw talent. It takes time to construct. You need original content that's clear and engaging. You need writing that sparks emotion. You need copy that converts. 

Your website is a crucial part of your online presence and marketing. Managing your site's content and keeping it updated is an ongoing job. Leave it to a digital marketer who has your end-goal in mind.

Before we can start driving results, we have to assess the current state of your business and what's been done already. Let's talk desires and what drives you. Let's get to know each other. Let's develop a working partnership. 

"She’s awesome! Amazing. Creative. Top-notch."


— Erle Morring;

Real Estate Broker

Certified in Social Media Marketing

Certified in Business Writing

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