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CASE STUDY: High-Quality Content Boosts Social Media Engagement for Birmingham Breadworks

We had the opportunity to connect with Birmingham Breadworks' customers through social media. The best social media profiles have a solid content strategy that showcases its brand and offerings and educates or highlights the benefits its audience will experience. See how we enhanced this business's content strategy.

Background: Birmingham Breadworks supplies breads to customers and businesses

Birmingham Breadworks is a bakery based in Birmingham, Alabama -- as the name implies. The local business keeps its ingredients simple: "Flour, Water, and Salt. That’s it. Nothing else." Their business model is also simple: They rely on tried-and-true traditional methods. Customers can come in or call in to make purchases and place orders. Simple.

Current State: Known but not broadly known

You probably know Birmingham Breadworks's pastries and bread when you taste them, but do you know about the business? This business supports the community by donating bread to food banks. Breadworks also sells their breads to local franchises and businesses around Birmingham. Not many people know this. J. E. Hill Digital Marketing set out to let Birmingham Breadworks' social media audience know about their community involvement and connection to other businesses the customers patronize.

Social media serves as a window into the business, AND it's a customer service channel because it's often a customer's direct line of contact with a business and vice versa. We assisted with social media content, which increased social engagement and customer support management. We created a good problem.

Solution: Answer the call and stay connected through quality content

We produced quality content, including photography and copywriting, and then managed it through placement, a regular schedule, and analyzing what attracted engagement.

Result: People engaged with Birmingham Breadworks through Instagram and Facebook

By producing content and sharing what the business does with its captive audience, followers started to reach out more with questions and requests. The business now had to maintain the customer support aspect, but it opened the door for the business to consider selling or taking orders directly through Instagram or Facebook. We left the business with an opportunity to consider for the future.


Type: A case study

Client: Birmingham Breadworks

Industry: Food & Beverage

Goal: Grow social media following and community

Our role: Social media management, social media strategy, content development, photography, copywriting



J. E. Hill Digital Marketing brings creativity, structure, and a strategy for sharing your brand's story with the community.

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