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I'm a digital marketing strategist who specializes in content marketing and writing. My tactical approaches involve content creation and management.


Content writing, social media marketing, newsletters, and web content management are my primary focus because maintaining these areas of digital marketing provide a solid foundation for a business. Rich and original content, paired with direct advertisement yields a strong content marketing strategy. 


I enjoy engaging with and coaching clients on the ever-changing world of online marketing and how best to utilize available tools to achieve their goals. I work with individuals and businesses to strategize a digital marketing plan to spread brand awareness, foster customer relationships and help drive leads.

Digital marketing encompasses a great deal. It involves strategy with goals above all else. It involves tasks to execute that strategy: such as website content management, paid ads, SEO tactics and content creation and/or curation.


J. E. Hill Digital Marketing can help your company and business bridge the digital gap in your overall marketing.



Web copy writing requires working SEO knowledge. Ad writing requires understanding your target audience. Writing for print requires a firm grasp on diction. 

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There's nothing that gets the creative juices flowing better than collaboration. Gain knowledge from experience. Know where your strategy and efforts currently stand and how to improve them.


Web content management happens after the web design and web development. It overlaps with design by organizing the content and conceptualizing a layout. Ensure content is search engine optimized, engaging and user-friendly.

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