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Web Design & Page Development

Web design involves the look, feel, and layout of a webpage. Typography, imagery, and brand style all go into design and functionality. All of these factors should be done with SEO in mind for organic discovery and a pleasant user experience.

Once content is intentionally created to answer a question or inform customers, valuable content must be visually presented and arranged on a webpage so that the right customers understand and interact with it.

The Power of Web Design in Marketing

People are visual, and they absorb information in a certain way. People come to your website to learn about your services, products, your story and discover how your solution makes their lives easier. The way you choose to present this information visually is impactful. Web design and structure often determine whether someone clicks the button to contact you and make a purchase or leave the site altogether because they are confused or had a frustrating experience navigating your site. Website design is a part of marketing because you literally use this as a platform to market your business.

Computer graphic design and web design structure

J. E. Hill Digital Marketing Provides Web Design



  • Webpage design via content management system or platform (i.e. Wix, Squarespace, WordPress, etc.)

  • Page optimization and structure for users and search engines

  • Conceptualization and branding to align with your business industry and target market of customers 

  • Content strategy and development

  • Graphic design

  • Search engine optimization

  • Conversion rate optimization best practices


Why Do Web Design & Page Structure Matter?

The influence of a well-designed landing page is real. Have you ever searched a website for what the business was about but weren't sure where to go on the page? That's a poor user experience. Ideally, you would land on a webpage after clicking its title in a search result that answered your question. When you're on that webpage, you know why you're there and want to explore additional solutions and information you may be looking for. By the end of your exploration, you've ended up on the contact form page to get more information, or you're ready to buy if you have all the information you want.


A solid landing page includes:

J. E. Hill Digital Marketing Will Create an Engaging Webpage for You

Now that you know how important a structured webpage is, allow J. E. Hill Digital Marketing to enhance your website. We bring the knowledge of a graphic designer, the psychological understanding of the customer journey, the content writing, the SEO ability, the strategy, and marketing professionalism all in one to develop your best landing page. 


  • A clear offer

  • Information about your product or service

  • A clear click path

  • A visual component

  • Your company's branding 

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