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Digital Marketing Consulting

There's nothing that gets the creative juices flowing better than collaboration. Gain knowledge from experience. Know where your strategy and efforts currently stand, and how to improve upon them.

Benefits of Working With a Marketing Consultant

Seeking help from a marketing consultant provides your business with many benefits. Many companies may have in-house marketing teams (whether smaller or larger) often tasked with managing the company's presence in all forms of media. These teams usually have the responsibility of advertising and procuring leads and making sales for the company. Even with a marketing team in place, there's a need for an extra pair of hands, eyes and a mind dedicated to executing marketing campaigns. A marketing consultant steps in to help you where needed and support your overall business objectives. 

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J. E. Hill Digital Marketing 

Strategic Consulting 


  • Hourly one-on-one session to develop a digital marketing strategy for your brand and business 

  • Branding brainstorm sessions

  • Social media business profile audit

  • Social media marketing best practices 

  • Website content planning (per page basis)  

  • Local SEO audit (Google My Business, Bing, Apple Maps, etc.)

  • Training on how to best market your business online through content

Marketing Consulting, Coaching, and Strategy

Relationships are important in marketing. When you decide to work with a marketing consultant, this person can become your coach and advocate.  This is the beginning of a working relationship that evolves with the growth of your business and you as the business owner.

Sometimes, it takes sitting down with another human being and speaking with an expert. Having a support system makes a world of difference regarding online marketing for your business.


You have questions, and you want answers and guidance. You're intimately intertwined with your business and have an industry insider view. You need an outside perspective to gauge how you can better connect with your audience. You need a collaborative creative briefing to figure out your message and then deliver it through the proper channels. 

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