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About J. E. Hill Digital Marketing, LLC 

Meet Jaz E. Hill

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Based in Birmingham, Alabama, I’m a digital marketing strategist who specializes in content creation and management. I aim to explore a creative approach in communicating the desired message through design, writing and production.


I enjoy engaging with and coaching clients on the ever-changing world of online marketing and how best to utilize available tools to achieve their goals.


Digital marketing involves website content management, social media strategy, email marketing, and content creation and/or curation - among many other parts, tools and specialties.


I work with mid-size companies and small businesses to strategize a digital marketing plan with tactics that spread brand awareness, foster customer relationships and help drive soft leads.

J. E. Hill Digital Marketing, LLC exists to provide one-on-one consulting to companies who need help with their content marketing, small businesses who may need a digital push, and individuals with a team of one for marketing.


Original content sets a business apart from the others. Well-curated content can be just as useful. I provide content, manage your website content, and develop a social media strategy for your business.


I relish the opportunity to sit down with you, dedicating time to brainstorm and customize a digital marketing plan for your business.

Storyteller. Creator. Strategist. 

My passion for storytelling through written and visual communication evolved into content creation and digital marketing. The visual arts and mediums of television and film hold a special place in my heart. Media is a field I've always wanted to be a part of and as digital expanded, so have my horizons.


What I love about marketing is the ability to connect with the public through multiple channels. As a digital marketer, I'm required to adapt to a constant change of algorithms, behaviors, trends and best practices. I welcome challenge because I love learning and discovering new information and ways of accomplishing a task. I love creating content that engages and informs others and adds value to a brand.

A bit about me... I'm a Southern lady through and through who was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. I've lived in Nashville, Tennessee, Atlanta, Georgia, have been as far east as Florida, as far north as Maryland and as far west as Texas. Though I have a bucket list of different regions and countries to check off, I can't think of anywhere I'd rather live long term other than the Southeast of the U.S.  

"I love storytelling."


I'm an alumna of the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), where I majored in mass communication and minored in filmmaking. My resume and professional background info can be found here.

Before you decide to work with someone, you want to know who that person is. This is natural. You want to at least have a good idea of the kind of person you'll be working with because this is potentially the beginning of a relationship. While credibility, experience and accolades are important to determine qualification...the core of this business comes down to relationship building. Will our personalities mesh? Do we share similar values and work ethic? Do we have similar goals in mind? Connecting with someone's story sparks the conversation. I'm looking forward to learning your story and working with you!

Fast Facts About Jaz

  • Dog lover

  • Thinks cars are cool

  • Astrology and numerology enthusiast

  • Attracted to the idea of a holistic and natural lifestyle

  • Passionate storyteller 

  • Eye for photography

  • Enjoys a mug of hot tea and honey

  • Drawn to the power of digital marketing

  • Lover of pop trivia, film and television

  • Proponent of mental health and therapy

  • Revved up by characterization on television shows and movies

  • Fascinated by personality and human behavior

  • Empathetic individual with the technical and creative skillset, combined with a psychological understanding of others that makes for a sharp marketer

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