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Email Marketing

Email communication nurtures relationships. This form of direct marketing informs your customers about your items and offers and keeps you top of mind.

Newsletter as Email Marketing

Newsletters speak directly to your customers and allow for "constant contact" or a regular cadence of correspondence. Inform your customers about menu changes, company updates, giveaways, and general news.

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J. E. Hill Digital Marketing 

Email Marketing

  • Newsletter strategy development

  • Email content

  • Newsletter management

  • Analytics for open rates and clicks

Why You Need Email Marketing

People still check their emails, believe it or not. Email marketing is a tried and true way of staying in contact with your customers and community. This form of marketing accomplishes quite a bit for a business, such as: targeted messaging, brand awareness, and soft selling. A business can do all of this without asking too much of its readers, which is a win-win for both. 

J. E. Hill Digital Marketing Can Assist


Allow J. E. Hill Digital Marketing to work with you and develop content for your newsletter and organic campaigns that inform your customers about the latest happenings. 

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