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Let's Get Social (Media)!

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Updated July 2023

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Social media is a crucial part of marketing. Embrace the opportunity to engage with clients, peers, and like-minded businesses. Social media provides a platform to plug (read: promote) yourself and build a community surrounding your business.

There are many social media platforms out there, but that doesn't mean you or your business have to dominate every single one that pops up. Choose the best two or three that are most applicable to your business and in which you're most comfortable managing. Let me painstakingly clarify: keep things manageable because social media marketing MUST be managed.

Social media is super personal, and it's your direct line of communication with your audience. This means the content you share needs to come from you in one way or another. Your voice and tone (or that of your business or company) should come through your social media channels.

j e hill digital marketing specialties - social media blog post

With that said, I've strategically chosen social media outlets that will allow me to reach, inform and connect with my audience. I'm looking forward to making some awesome connections with you!


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