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Here's Why You Should Repurpose Content

There's beauty in repurposing content...and that beauty is efficiency.

First off, is everyone familiar with the concept of repurposing content? Instead of reinventing the wheel every time by creating content from scratch, expand upon what has already been created. Give your work a new life. This concept works for social media, blogging, website pages, and any other marketing content.

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Repurposing your content allows you to build a smart content marketing strategy and capitalize on your value proposition. Here’s what you accomplish by repurposing useful content.

Repurposing Content Extends the Lifecycle of Valuable Content

Recycle the material you’ve already created by turning it into something new and giving it new value and a new purpose. This is repurposing.

Example: Think of an old wooden front door repurposed into a rustic yet trendy coffee table.

Check out these ideas for repurposing a piece of content:

  • Your website FAQ can become a blog post that expands upon a topic of question.

  • Illustrate key points from the blog post into an infographic or PowerPoint Presentation.

  • Easily convert visuals from a presentation into video clips, which can then be used for social media posts focused on one key point.

See where this is going? The life of your content doesn’t end with its original format. Like energy, it takes a new shape and form and becomes new life. This can happen over and over, running like a well-oiled marketing machine.

Distribute Your Existing Content Regularly

Distribution takes extending the life of your content to the next level. Once you share a piece of content, repackage it, and share it again. Repeat this process periodically.

repurpose content for content marketing strategy - j e hill digital marketing

Make use of your evergreen content because it’s timeless and relevant. Ever heard the phrase “out of sight, out of mind?” Well, it couldn’t apply more to marketing. It’s easy to see a message once and forget about it unless it pops up on your radar again. You created content with a goal in mind – likely to be of service to your customers – so keep distributing the message over time. This drives your business’s value. Plus, you could reach new customers by resharing your content at different times.

Repurposing Content Boosts Productivity and Workflow

When you repackage and distribute your content, this streamlines your workflow. The process of creating a valuable piece of content is time-consuming. Transforming your existing content into chunks of fresh material is efficient. Not to mention it exercises your creativity. Repurposing information is content marketing at its finest.

You develop a content marketing schedule by regularly and consistently sharing a piece of content. This simplifies the workflow process and lets you allocate time to other projects.


Want to learn more about digital marketing and how best to use it alongside other marketing efforts? Connect with J. E. Hill Digital Marketing on social media.

J. E. Hill Digital Marketing specializes in content marketing, development, and strategy through website content, social media marketing, and email marketing. Learn more about my services.

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