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Social Media Marketing

Establishing and maintaining a social media presence for your brand and business isn't an option today. It's a must. 

Organic Social Media Marketing

The beauty of social media platforms is the built-in audience they hold. The major social media channels can reach a broad range of people by interest and location.

social media marketing by j e hill digital marketing

J. E. Hill Digital Marketing 

Social Media Marketing

  • Social media copy 

  • Social media marketing strategy

  • Relevant hashtag research and usage

  • Build brand awareness

  • Community engagement management

  • Follower growth

  • Relationship management

  • Organic social media management

  • Social media marketing consultation

Choose the Right Social Media Platform

Let's first determine what platforms best fit your business needs (by that, meaning what makes the most sense). You don't have to tackle every single social media platform and site there is. In fact, I often advise clients to choose one to three social outlets through which to brand their business. It's best to start with the platform that your ideal target customers gravitate towards and then build from there.


Each social media platform serves a different purpose and appeals to a niche target demographic. Not to mention, each platform must be properly maintained and nurtured. In terms of content, what may work for Instagram may not translate the same on Twitter or even Tik Tok. 

Why Your Business Needs Social Media


Social media allows you to express your brand's personality. Think of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and any other major platform as a tool to directly connect with your customers and clients. Direct messages allow your audience to directly communicate with your brand and business. Tagging and mentions help you tap into networks of your peers and partners and even micro-influencers among your followers.

It's super easy to set up your social profiles for business. The next step is to optimize your business profiles for search results and fan engagement. Then, the next step is to strategize how best to market your business on social media and form a content plan for regular publishing. While it's convenient to maybe post once or twice in a while and leave your business profile there in the internet space, you don't want to set it and forget it.


If you don't already have a social presence, the ability to reach new customers through organic content is reason enough to get on board.

J. E. Hill Digital Marketing Can Assist


Social media provides a wonderful opportunity to get your brand in front of a captive audience online. It also provides a direct channel of communication between your business and your customer.


Allow J. E. Hill Digital Marketing to work with you and develop organic content campaigns. Let's drive engagement among your followers, procure new followers and build a community around your brand online through the power of social media.

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