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Social Media Paid Advertisement

It's one thing to establish and manage a social media presence. It's a whole other feat to advertise on social media.

Facebook and Instagram Advertising


Facebook Ads are one of the most powerful paid forms of advertisement among social media platforms. Instagram ads work with Facebook by targeting an audience who may be searching for products.


What's great about these two advertising platforms is the built-in audience they hold. Even if your product and services leans more B2B, there's a chance your business clients have end-customers. These social media ads can reach a broad range of people by interest and location.

J. E. Hill Digital Marketing, LLC Provides
Social Media

  • Development of social media ads,

  • Monitoring and analyzing results; ROI

  • Targeting the right audience for your business

  • Build brand awareness

  • Engagement

  • Website visits

  • Facebook Ads

  • Instagram Ads

  • Budget management​


NOTE: This is NOT and DOES NOT include regular organic social media management

Choose the Right Social Media Advertising Platform

Let's first determine what platforms best fit your business needs (meaning what makes the most sense). You don't have to tackle every single social media platform and site there is. In fact, I often advise clients to choose one to three social outlets through which to brand their business.


Each social media platform serves a different purpose and appeals to a niche target demographic. Not to mention, each platform must be properly maintained and nurtured. In terms of content, what may work for Instagram may not translate the same on Twitter. 

Why Your Business Needs Social Media Ads


It's super easier to set up your social profiles for business. It's convenient to maybe post once or twice in a while and leave your business profile there in the internet space. You don't want to set it and forget it.


There's a whole other component to social media. Social media advertisement is an absolute must if you have a social media presence. And if you don't already have a social presence, the ability to reach new customers through ads is reason enough to get on board.


This will overlap with organically (unpaid) managing your social media. Your ads should complement what's already on your social profile. Your ads will introduce a product or service and your organic posts should further explain the benefits of your product or service.

J. E. Hill Digital Marketing Can Manage Your Ads


Social media ads provide a wonderful opportunity to get your brand in front of eyes you may not have otherwise been able to reach.


Allow J. E. Hill Digital Marketing to work with you and develop ad campaigns that can drive traffic to your landing page, procure email signups, reach your target audience and keep your brand top of mind to online users.

Request Social Media Paid Ad Services
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