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What is Digital Marketing?

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

By now, most people are familiar with the term 'digital marketing'. While many businesses (whether small or large) and companies have started including it within their comprehensive marketing efforts, this buzzword still isn’t fully understood by many. It equates with online marketing; it is strategy and tactics, channels and methods by which we advertise and reach our audience digitally. It is marketing by means of digital avenues.

The Digital & The Marketing

How about going back to the basics, shall we? Digital translates to electronic technology. “Marketing is the process of getting consumers interested in your company’s product or service,” as defined by HubSpot.

When you take traditional marketing – like broadcast, direct mail, print advertising in newsletters, billboards, flyers and newspapers – and put a digital spin on it, you get all the electronic efforts used to market ideas.

You’ve Consumed Digital Marketing

Ask a marketer what digital marketing is, and you may get one of many answers. Ask any other industry professional what it is, and you may get an answer along the lines “it’s basically social media, isn’t it?” Or you may ask anyone else and the concept may be completely foreign to them.

You may not realize you’ve consumed it, but if you use a mobile device and use the internet, you most definitely have. If you use email, you’ve consumed it. If you use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or any other notable social network platform, you’ve consumed it. If you’ve searched for something on Google, Bing, Yahoo or YouTube, you’ve consumed it. You may not be able to answer the question in this blog title – yet. But you will know it when you see it.

One Intricate Part of Marketing

This form of marketing is comprised of many parts. Explore the different parts and specializations within digital marketing in the next post here.


Want to learn more about digital marketing and how best to use it alongside other marketing efforts? Connect with me on social media. J. E. Hill Digital Marketing specializes in content writing and website content management. Learn more about my services.

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