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How to Write Your Best Business Blog Post

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Updated July 2023

When you write a blog post or article, this provides a wonderful opportunity to speak directly to your customers. You have a platform to explain your business, product, and service. You also have a valuable resource to provide useful information to those who need your services. A well-written and search-optimized blog post lets new customers find your business online. This kind of discovery brings great exposure.

writing a blog post

Solve Your Customer’s Problem

Think about your ideal customer and the problems they may be facing. Think about your customers' pain points. How can your product or service make their life easier? A blog post can thoroughly answer this question in at least 300 - 500 words or more. Discuss key features of your product and its positive attributes. Break these features down for your customer, explaining how to use the product.

If your business provides services, a blog post can help explain what those are. The services you provide offer valuable solutions for your customers and others. Depending on the array of services your business offers, you may have a whole list of blog post topics for which you can write.

Optimize Your Blog Post

optimize blog post

You want your blog post properly written and formatted so search engines can easily crawl (or index) your content. Just as important as search engine optimization -- if not more -- is constructing your blog post in a way that people can easily consume it online. You can accomplish both goals by incorporating headlines and shorter paragraphs.

Give your blog post a headline that includes the topic you will discuss and explain. While not always necessary, it is very helpful to write a short introductory paragraph that gives the gist of what your blog post will be about. This may be your meta description, or the short teaser seen on a search results page such as Google.

Structure Your Business Blog Post for Success

Organizing your topics so that there is a natural progression. This helps guide the reader through your blog post. Your post may have a handful of paragraphs arranged by thought or topic. Paragraphs containing no more than five lines are optimal.

A blog post can vary in length, but it is typically shorter than a detailed whitepaper. With that said, your blog post will likely be read quickly. Add subheadings to help others follow along as they read your post. This organizes what you have written, which makes it easier to consume.

End your blog post with your calling card. Include your business name, your service(s) or product(s) and how readers can contact you. These are the key elements of writing your best business blog post.


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