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CASE STUDY | Content & A Design Update Enhances Studio 2500's Brand Awareness

Updated: Oct 30

We had the opportunity to work with Alabama's only Black-owned art gallery and improve its main online presence, the website. Studio 2500 is based in North Birmingham.

Background: An art gallery with a passion for community wants to reach its residents

Studio 2500 Art Gallery aspires to be a staple in its community, providing art education to youth and a space for local artists to shine. There's a message this local art studio and gallery wants to share with the world, and its website presents a golden opportunity to do just that.

Current State: The website needed to convey its mission

Studio 2500 offers a youth art camp, events, and space rental for patrons, supporters, and people looking for an artistic experience. All of this is great, but it wasn't presented on the website, so when searching for art galleries, users wouldn't know Studio 2500's value beyond making and exhibiting art. We had to do something about that.

Solution: We improve SEO and user experience with content and a layout concept users can connect with

We worked with Studio 2500 to flesh out their ideal personas to reach with their offerings and gallery. Our marketing strategy sessions manifested in developing new landing pages for the website that involved SEO, a design concept that fit the existing website, and rich content that informed the community about the gallery and owner.

The pages were crafted with mixed media inspiration to have artistic appeal and cater to the audience of that page. The concept is minimalistic yet artistic and presents a printed publication theme with quotes from the owner as a published artist.

New landing pages:


We developed new landing pages that were search engine optimized with originally written and designed content.

Some highlights about the website project:

  • Improved the footer to include pertinent information and follow best practices

  • Added specific landing pages that details the summer art camp, events, exhibits, and ways to support the gallery's mission, informing the public

  • Increased search visibility though keyword research and on-page SEO best practices (Psst! Search "art gallery space rental" in Birmingham, Alabama!)

  • Brought structure to the website and improved site navigation for users, including the addition of CTAs throughout to encourage contact

  • Incorporated a form to capture user information for future follow-up and marketing


Type: Case study

Client: Studio 2500, An Art Gallery

Industry: Art & Community

Goal: Improve customer experience on the website and increase organic search visibility

Our role: Website design, content development, organic SEO, marketing strategy sessions


J. E. Hill Digital Marketing brings creativity, structure, and a strategy for sharing your brand's story with the community.

Want to learn more about digital marketing and how best to use it alongside other marketing efforts? Connect with J. E. Hill Digital Marketing on social media. We specialize in content marketing for website, social media marketing, and email marketing. Learn more about our services.


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